Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Giving the App a name!

Have you experienced this before? How to name your project, product, and app?? You might think it is a straightforward task. It is not!!! I now can feel for parents that need to name a baby J.
The main reason for the complexity is that you are facing a number of constraints and you want to fulfil all constraints, which is not possible.
  1. Easy to write
  2. Easy to pronounce
  3. Easy in different languages
  4. Easy to remember
  5. Web Domain is available
  6. Contains keywords for search optimization
  7. Descriptive name
  8. Name is short to appear fully under the icon
  9. Unique
As you might have seen some constraints have an intrinsic contradiction which makes it hard to fulfil all criteria for example try to find a descriptive app name which is easy to pronounce and short! Good luck with it!
Therefore there are basically 2 methodologies to name an app which emphasize on different criteria:
  1. Descriptive name
  2. Brand name
Any of these ways focus on certain constraints and less on others.
Brand names are names that are easy to pronounce, unique and users remember them for example „yahoo!“.
Descriptive names are names that describe what the app is doing e.g. “currency converter”. So if you search for it you will find it but you might also find 10 similar apps.
Brand names are of course better if you get the product to a stage were it is desired, but if your app cannot generate that hype it is better to have a descriptive name as it is easier to find.
When we named our app our objective was to create a brand name. We were happy that our name has also a meaning in Arabic that relates to our app. Sira is Arabic and means “story” and generally if we talk about “Al Sira” (the Sira), most people know it is about the story of the prophet Muhammad, we were also lucky to find a free domain sira.co which is short and nice.. How do you like the name?

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